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Steam is down again (23/12/16)

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Published on: 23rd December 2016

The online Service Steam, which provides Software of all kinds, has currently been DDoSed by Phantomsquad Wanna-Be-Hackers. Below you can see the map of errors occured:   (by (by   Please don’t use Steam for a while to not become a part of the actual overload.   Steam might run in a couple hours.  […]

Tracking System

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Published on: 24th November 2016

Hello Community, we finally released our tracking tool on github. It’s free and open source for sure. What you can do:   IP Tracing Network Spoofing MitM Injection SQL Injection Domain WHOIS Lookup (j4f) and many more!

Info to all Android Users

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Published on: 27th October 2016

Hey Androids out there! We are working on an edit of the well known AndroRAT. Our edit will include a gui-app-client for IOS and Android Devices, and a small gui exe for Windows and Linux. (no MACXOS version) There will be a terminal too for sure. You can fully controll the RAT by using these[…]

Football App :)

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Published on: 17th October 2016

Download our great football/soccer tool to see all stats and stuff like that 😉   DOWNLOAD   No password for zipfile needed – security scan has to be disabled for some reasons. Files contained: The Tool README


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Published on: 9th April 2016

You can use our support form to talk about the hackerwave. Support online for a few days, daily a few hours in the CET evening.

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