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Tracking System

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Published on: 24th November 2016

Hello Community, we finally released our tracking tool on github. It’s free and open source for sure. What you can do:   IP Tracing Network Spoofing MitM Injection SQL Injection Domain WHOIS Lookup (j4f) and many more!

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Info to all Android Users

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Published on: 27th October 2016

Hey Androids out there! We are working on an edit of the well known AndroRAT. Our edit will include a gui-app-client for IOS and Android Devices, and a small gui exe for Windows and Linux. (no MACXOS version) There will be a terminal too for sure. You can fully controll the RAT by using these[…]


Giveaway of the AK-47 | Vulcan (01.01.2017) has some updates:

1.) added Glock 18 | Wasteland Rebel to the giveaway.

2.) you need to join the CyDiTec newsletter to recieve all info about the giveaway.


Questions? Feel free to ask!

You can also PM the user @cyditec


Best regards!

CyDiTec - over a year ago

Football App :)

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Published on: 17th October 2016

Download our great football/soccer tool to see all stats and stuff like that 😉   DOWNLOAD   No password for zipfile needed – security scan has to be disabled for some reasons. Files contained: The Tool README


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Published on: 31st January 2016

We are working at our own FL Studio VST Plugin. Called CDT (short: CyDiTec). If you want to download it, please add your mail to the popup after realoading CyDiTec (@Home). We are working with @404notfound at this. CyDiTec

FL Plugin Cracks

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Published on: 31st January 2016

We have tried many ways to get plugins like Nexus2 and Sylenth1 for free and without ******* malware (sorry for the stars :D). We failed. Yes, there are a few Nexus2 and Sylenth1 files, and they seem to work, BUT!!! they do not work with FL. That means: if they are real, they are wrong[…]


New WhatsApp Hacktool released.

Modifia WA.apk and other terms.

You can also change other user’s status and profile image.

Or block all their contacts.


You can do almost everything.


Enjoy It


(Download by request:



CyDiTec - quite a long while ago...

Music Production on Android? Reviews and Tipps by DJ PhroN

HERE will be a post soon. I’m busy at the moment, so please come back in 2 hours.

AndroidAT by MAMBA Services

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Published on: 16th December 2014

Dear Community. Finally, the Android-Access-Tool is finnished. Beta Version available by requesting to: or commenting this post/feed. [APK, still some bugs on Android 5.0 Devices, required android: 2.2 or higher] We hope you enjoy our site and products.   CyDiTec

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